Authentication Scaffolding for Laravel and Vue.

Save weeks of development time. Get a rock solid login system for your application.

How it works

Titanium is a set of starter kits for your Laravel application. Each kit comes with a popular authentication method out of the box. Get a headstart and spend your time building things that add value to your application.

  1. Create a Laravel project

  2. Install Titanium composer package

  3. Run a command

  4. Enjoy that you just saved weeks of your own time


  • Inertia


    The Inertia kit is based on Laravel’s default authentication. It uses a username/password combination to authenticate users.

  • OAuth

    Coming soon

    The OAuth kit is based on Laravel Socialite. Choose between providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub, GitLab and more.

  • SPA

    Coming soon

    The SPA kit is for single-page applications made with Vue or React. It offers API access through token based authentication.

  • GraphQL

    Coming soon

    The GraphQL kit offers an authentication system for applications built with GraphQL and Vue or React.

Wanna save time?

The Inertia is free and available now. Sign up below to stay updated on other kits.