The Inertia Kit

The Inertia kit brings InertiaJS support to Laravel’s default authentication. Get the same reliable authentication system that you know from Laravel UI in a SPA-like interface. And it’s free!

Email authentication

Laravel UI’s built-in authentication system has been battle-tested by thousands of developers over a long period. The system is session-based and automatically handles session-cookies for your users.

  1. Login & registration

  2. Forgot & reset password handling

  3. Optional email verification for new users

  4. Confirm password views for extra protection on sensitive pages

  • Inertia views

    All views are built with InertiaJS using your preferred framework. The Inertia views make it feel like a single-page application white benefitting from Laravel’s built-in routing and session mechanisms.

  • Vue or React

    Use your preferred framework. Choose between Vue or React when scaffolding your application.

Get started now

The Inertia Kit is 100% free. Start your Laravel & Inertia application now with all authentication scaffolded for you.

Not using Inertia?

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